Bathroom Remodeling

As a home contractor doing jobs like bathroom remodeling, the way you accept payments is a little different compared to many other small business owners. And that means you need a payment solution from people who understand these unique needs.

For starters, while the shop down the street collects credit card payments right from their counter, you’re often working out of your truck. You may not even have a traditional office set up, so your payment solutions need to be portable and easy to use.

Secondly, you’re often in a unique position in that you set up draw schedules for your clients. This is particularly true when you’re working on large jobs, like a custom bathroom remodel. While some homeowners are happy to make these payments with checks, there is a rising number of people who want to use their Mastercard, Visa or other credit card. You need to be able to accept these payments on the go, right from the jobsite.

If you’re like a lot of home remodeling contractors, then you’ve probably researched some of your options. And you may have also noticed there’s no really good solution. There are decent options, but nothing is quite a good fit for the unique payment challenges you face.

Perhaps you’ve already pursued some of these other options, such as carrying a portable card reader. If so, then you’ve noticed the equipment can be a little cumbersome to use. And you may even forget to bring it to a jobsite, since it’s something you’re not used to carrying.

The good news is that there’s an easier way to accept credit card payments right from the remodeling jobsite. All you have to do is download the ToolBox app to your smart phone or tablet, and you can start accepting payments anytime and anywhere from your own device.

If you’re already used to carrying your phone or tablet everywhere, then one big advantage of this payment solution is that you don’t need to carry extra equipment. The ToolBox app gives you a powerful point of sale system that you can carry in your pocket!

The payment app comes with a clear, easy-to-understand fee table, so you never have to worry about hidden fees or being nickel and dimed. Once you compare the fees to other solutions, you’ll see ToolBox is a competitive option that helps you keep more of your hard-earned profits in your pocket.

Another advantage home remodelers like about ToolBox is that it works with your existing accounting software, such as QuickBooks. There’s no need for you to change or transfer to another system, because the payment app integrates with most major accounting solutions.

The bottom line is that we here at ToolBox understand your unique payment challenges, and we designed this app for home contractors like you. Find out how ToolBox can help you grow your business by giving us a call today!

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