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Basement Waterproofing Accept Payments

You’re pretty good at providing peace of mind for homeowners who need waterproofing in their basements. And you’ve seen it all too – from mold and mildew, to structural problems caused by basement moisture. Whether the problem is big or small, you’re good at providing solid solutions to keep your clients’ basements moisture-free.

Yet despite being the one with all the solutions when it comes to waterproofing a basement, you’re got your own set of unique home contractor business challenges that you haven’t yet quite solved to your liking. Namely, you’re still on the hunt for an easy way to accept Visa, Mastercard and other credit card payments from homeowners.

Can you accept checks and cash from homeowners? Of course you can. But you’ve probably noticed two things:

  1. Hardly anyone is going to pay with cash. That’s because your basement waterproofing services can easily run into the many thousands of dollars, and most folks simply don’t have that sort of cash on them.
  2. People don’t pay using checks as much as they used to. This is largely due to debit and credit cards not only being more convenient, but homeowners prefer plastic because it gives them some measure of protection when paying for a big contracting job.

The end result?

You’ve got a growing number of people who want to pay you using their debit cards or credit cards. And if you’re not able to accept these payments easily, then both you and your clients are going to be frustrated.

Now here’s some good news: there is an easy, convenient and secure way to start accepting credit card payments. It’s called ToolBox, and it’s a payment app that you can use on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

The big advantage of using ToolBox is that you can accept payments anywhere, including right on the job site. This convenience lets you turn your truck into a mobile office. And since the app runs right from your Android or Apple phone, tablet or other device, you don’t need to carry around any extra equipment. You’ve got the convenience and security of a powerful point of sale system in your pocket!

Another advantage of using the ToolBox app is that the fees are clearly laid out and easy to understand. There aren’t any hidden fees or “small print” fees. You don’t have to worry about being nickeled and dimed. When you use the app, you’ll know exactly how much the fee is – simple, convenient, and worry-free!

Plus, if you use accounting solutions like QuickBooks or similar, then you’ll find that ToolBox integrates easily with your software. You don’t need to upgrade your system, change to a new software, or otherwise change the way you run your basement waterproofing and contracting business.

Home contractors all over the United States are turning to ToolBox for all their payment processing needs. You’ll want to use ToolBox too once you see for yourself how powerful and easy to use it is.

Simplify your life by accepting payments right from the jobsite. Give us a call today to find out how ToolBox can get rid of your payment headaches!

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