We Created A Payments Company & Mobile App for the Home Service Industry, Why?


The APP idea was conceived from a personal experience by the Founder and CEO, Jeff Shavitz.  Jeff’s plumber, electrician, and handyman had all visited his home within the same month for various services. After each tradesman had completed the job, each one told him that they did not accept credit card payments.  Jeff had an “aha moment” to fill this void by developing a comprehensive payment app solution to serve the home services industry. 

The initial launch of the APP was created as a mobile payment platform that allows contractors and tradespeople to accept credit cards upon job completion.  The valuable user feedback about the benefits of the app was most positive. We listened carefully and our users wanted more features which now include — (1) customer communication, (2) logistics, (3) payments and (4) invoicing — all to help further service our clients’ businesses and increase their profitability.

Welcome to ToolBox – a unique, end to end back office solution dedicated to the home services industry! “

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