If you own your own small business providing architect services, then you face unique challenges when it comes to accepting payments. That’s because you’re often on the jobsite rather than sitting in an office. So when it comes time to collect payments, you need to be able to do it on the go – right from your work vehicle.

Here’s the solution: download the free ToolBox app, which lets you accept credit card payments directly from your smart phone, tablet or other device.

There’s no longer any need to carry around extra equipment, like a bulky credit card reader. And you never have to worry about forgetting to bring ToolBox, because you can download it to your phone. If you’re like most people, you’re already used to carry your phone, which makes it convenient to take ToolBox with you everywhere!

Another advantage of using ToolBox is that the fees are clearly laid out. There are no hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises. And once you compare ToolBox to other options, you’ll find that this is a very competitive solution to meet your on-the-go payment needs!

As an architect, you’re used to dealing with the unexpected. Projects sometimes take longer than you estimated. Other times you may get pushback from clients during the approval process. All this can be pretty stressful at times.

But one thing that shouldn’t be stressful is collecting payments from homeowners, contractors, and business owners.  That’s why you’ll want to get in touch with us here at ToolBox to find out how we can take the stress out payment collection, which frees up your time to do what you really love – the creative aspects of designing a space.

Ready to find out how we can help? Give us a call today to find out what we can do for you!

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