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Carpentry Services Take Payments

As someone who offers carpentry services to homeowners, you’re probably used to fielding a lot of questions from homeowners.

Can you build custom shelving and mantels? Sure!

Are you able to build custom cabinets for kitchens? Definitely!

How about installing crown molding? No problem!

But things take a different turn when it comes time to start discussing payment options for your carpentry services.

Accepting cash is easy, but most homeowners don’t carry the amounts that you typically invoice for, which can run into the many thousands of dollars.

Checks are good too, but you’ve probably noticed this payment method is falling out of favor among your clients.

Then there’s the issue of accepting debit and credit cards. More of your carpentry clients want to pay with plastic, because these cards offer them protection from home-contracting nightmares. And overall you’re happy to accept Visa, Mastercard and other credit card payments, except for one thing: it’s difficult to accept them right from the jobsite.

If you’re like a lot of home contractors, then you may be running a small office where you have the ability to accept credit cards. But that’s just extra expense to have someone in the office all the time waiting to collect payments. (This is especially true if you’re running a home office where clients don’t typically come to you.)

Alternatively, you may have laid out some money for a portable card reader system so you can accept payments on the jobsite. This equipment tends to be cumbersome and perhaps even difficult to use. Sometimes you may even forget to throw the card reader in your truck before you leave for the day.

Point is, you’re looking for an easy, convenient and secure way to accept credit card payments that won’t break the bank.

Here’s your solution: the ToolBox payment app.

This is an app that you can download to any of your devices, including your smart phone (Android and Apple), tablet, laptop or even a desktop computer. When you download it to a portable device – like your phone – you instantly get the power of a sophisticated point of sale system that’s so portable that you can carry it in your pocket!

If you’re like a lot of contractors who offer carpentry services, there are probably very few times that you’re not carrying your phone. That means you never have to worry about forgetting to bring your payment processor, because it’s always in your pocket. This gives you the power to accept payments anywhere, anytime – right from the jobsite.

Both you and your clients will appreciate this convenience. And you’ll appreciate these other benefits of using the ToolBox payment app:

  • Integrates with your existing accounting software (such as QuickBooks).
  • Includes a simple fee structure, without any “small print” or hidden fees.
  • Lets you accept payments securely anywhere – you can turn your truck into a fully functional remote office.

More and more carpenters and other home contractors are turning to ToolBox for their credit card processing needs. Find out for yourself why so many people providing home services are using this app. Give us a call today to find out how we can simplify your payment processing needs too!

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