Chimney or Fireplace Cleaning and Repair

Tool Box Delivers savings

As a contractor providing chimney and fireplace cleaning and repair, you’ve probably seen your fair share of oddities and unpleasant surprises: birds in the chimney, bats, dead rodents, various fire hazards and a whole lot more. Some days it can be a tough and dirty job, but someone has to do it.

However, when the chimney work is done, that should be the end of your difficulties. All that’s left to do is collect the payment from the homeowner. Should be a snap, right?

That’s not always the case, especially if the client wants to pay with a credit card. When you’re running a small business out of your truck or van, collecting payments on the jobsite can be a little cumbersome.

One option is to call back to your office and read the credit card over the phone. Definitely not an ideal situation, especially if you’re basically a one-man show who runs the business out of a home office with the help of family.

Maybe you’re already using a bulky portable card reader system, but you hate dragging around that extra equipment. Some days you forget to throw it in your vehicle in the morning. Other days you just hope you remember how to use it.  And sometimes you think, “There must be an easier way to accept credit card payments for my chimney cleaning business!”

The good news is that there IS an easier way, and all you need is your smart phone and the free ToolBox payment app!

Here’s why so many fireplace cleaning service providers love this app, and why you will too:

  • The app works on any of your existing devices–including an Android or Apple phone, tablet, laptop or desktop—so you don’t need to carry extra equipment around!
  • You’ll enjoy the power of a sophisticated point-of-sale system with the convenience of your phone or tablet, which makes it easy to run your business out of your vehicle.
  • ToolBox includes a simple and competitive fee structure without any hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises.
  • The app integrates smoothly with popular accounting software (such as QuickBooks), so you can keep your existing systems in place.

ToolBox makes it quick and easy to collect payments on-the-go from homeowners as soon as the job is done. To find out how ToolBox can simplify your business too, give us a call today!

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