Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

If you specialize in residential drain cleaning, then you’ve probably received a few panicky calls to your business. No one likes seeing an overflowing toilet, a bathtub backing up with dirty water, or a washing machine dumping gallons of water on the floor. That’s when your drain-clearing business swoops in to the rescue.

Once the job is done, your forever-grateful clients will be eager to pay your bill.  But the question is, do you provide an easy way to accept these payments?

Sure, it’s easy to accept checks and cash from homeowners. However, these two payment options are slowly falling out of favor. That’s because people prefer to pay with their debit or credit cards due the ease, convenience, the rewards points, and extra protection they receive.

Here’s what this means for you: if you don’t make it easy for people to pay you with their credit or debit cards, then you’re going to see your drain-clearing business start to decline over time.

You’re probably already accepting credit cards, but perhaps your solution isn’t ideal. If homeowners need to call their credit cards into your office, that’s clearly not ideal for them. If you need to carry around extra point-of-sale equipment to jobsites in order to accept credit cards, that’s clearly not ideal for you.

Here’s a solution that both you and your drain-clearing clients will appreciate: you can now accept payments on your tablet or smart phone using the free ToolBox payment app.

If you’re like a lot of people, you already carry a phone everywhere you go. That means you won’t ever forget to bring ToolBox to the jobsite, because it’s always in your pocket or your work vehicle.

Plus ToolBox is user-friendly and very convenient for your on-the-go business. You don’t need to touch base with the office when you’re accepting payments, because ToolBox is a fully functional point-of-sale system. It even integrates with your existing accounting software, such as QuickBooks.

You’ve already got enough problems and tricky situations without having to worry about how to securely accept payments from homeowners. You take care of the drains, and let ToolBox simplify your business by taking care of the credit card payments.

Ready to learn more? Get in touch by calling ToolBox today to find out how we can make it easier and more convenient to accept Mastercard and Visa payments, anytime and anywhere!

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