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ToolBox is the easy free mobile point of sale app for trades people that helps you accept payments.

You’re in the business of providing storage services for homeowners, and some days this job provides some pretty unique challenges and difficulties. However, accepting payments from your customers shouldn’t be one of these difficulties. Question is, do you have a quick, easy, and convenient system in place to collect payments?

Depending on how your storage services business is set up, you’re not always standing at the counter accepting payments. If you provide moving services too, then often you find yourself needing to collect payments miles away from your office. And even when you are at your storage facility, some days it’s easier to meet the client at their unit and accept payments there.

You’ve probably noticed that there are whole lot of companies offering credit-card acceptance solutions to you, but very few of them are a good fit for your storage services business.

Until now…

Introducing the ToolBox payment app, which lets you securely and conveniently accept credit card payments right from your smart phone, tablet or other device.

Using ToolBox means that you’re never tied down to a fix location (such as an office), which is exactly what your busy, on-the-go business needs. And you never have to worry about carrying extra equipment around to accept credit cards. If you’re already used to carrying your phone everywhere you go, then you’ll always have a quick and easy way to accept payments!

ToolBox is designed to be user friendly. If you can tap or swipe your phone, you can be a point-of-sale wizard with this payment app. ToolBox is so easy to use that your whole team can use it (even those who aren’t very technically inclined).

Here’s what else you’ll really like about this payment app:

  • Includes a competitive, clear fee structure with no hidden fees.
  • Integrates easily into your existing accounting system, so you don’t have to worry about changing systems or learning something new.
  • Provides a high level of security to protect both you and your customers’ data.
  • Makes it easy to accept both one-time payments and recurring fees.

There’s a lot to love about ToolBox. That’s why you’ll want to give our credit card acceptance specialists a call today to learn more about how ToolBox can simplify your storage business!

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