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Tree Service Taking Payments

Every day presents a new challenge in your tree-service business. You’re often thinking up creative ways to trim or fell trees to avoid property damage or injury to yourself or others. It’s not always an easy job, but it’s rewarding.

Once you’re done with the tree-services work, then the hardest part of the job should be done. But that’s only true if you have a fast, secure and convenient way to accept credit cards right from the jobsite.

You’ve been doing your research, so you know that most of the credit card acceptance solutions on the market aren’t really a good fit for you. Many of them are designed for businesses that do most of their work in fixed locations. That’s definitely not you, because you spend more time in your truck than anywhere else.

That’s why we designed ToolBox, which is the first payment app that was created to meet the unique needs of home-service providers like you. We understand you don’t want to haul around extra equipment like card readers, which is why ToolBox downloads to your smart phone, tablet, laptop or other device. It’s the convenient way for you to accept credit card payments from anywhere – including right from the jobsite!

We know security is a top priority for both you and your customers, and it’s a top priority for ToolBox too. That’s why we’ve provided a high-level of encryption to make sure both you and your customer’s data stays safe.

Another advantage of using ToolBox is that it’s so user friendly that every member of your tree-services team can use it to collect credit card payments. It’s quick and easy for everyone to use. You’ll be a point-of-sale wizard the very first time you accept a credit card payment!

ToolBox also comes with a straightforward fee system, so you never have to worry about hidden fees eating your profits at the end of the month. Plus our fee structure is very competitive, meaning you get a lot of features and peace of mind for an affordable rate.

Some days your tree-service business can be really difficult, but accepting payments at the end of the job shouldn’t be. That’s why you’ll want to give us a call today to find out more about how ToolBox can simplify the way you accept credit card payments!

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