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Security / Alarm Systems

As a home-security specialist, your job is all about providing peace of mind for homeowners. Whether you have a client who just wants a few motion-detector lights installed, or you have a homeowner who wants a complete set of sensors, cameras and alarms, they can count on you to get the job done right.

Your home-security installation business also comes with a unique set of challenges when it comes time to accept payments. You’re not like other businesses where people come to you, purchase something, and pay their bill at the counter. Instead, you need to have the ability to accept both big and small credit card payments right from the jobsite.

If you’ve done your research, then you know there are plenty of companies that offer solutions for accepting credit cards. Unfortunately, none of these solutions were built with your type of business in mind. These solutions come with a plethora of problems including:

  • Forcing you to carry a card reader.
  • Surprising you with hidden charges.
  • Requiring you to use a cumbersome system.

No wonder you’re still searching for a good solution to meet your needs!

Here’s what you’ve been looking for: introducing ToolBox, the first payment app that was designed specifically for contractors and home-service providers like you.

ToolBox is a simple, user-friendly app that you can download to any of your devices, including your smart phone and tablet. This puts the power of sophisticated point of sale system in your pocket that you can take with you everywhere.

This payment app is so easy to use that you’ll be a point-of-sale wizard the first time you accept a credit card payment. If you have employees, they’ll love how easy it is to use too. We don’t think you’ll ever have questions about using this app, but if you do, then you can always get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team.

Another advantage of using the ToolBox app is that it comes with a competitive, easy-to-understand fee structure. You never have to worry about getting stuck with hidden charges and small print fees at the end of the month. This keeps more of your hard-earned money in your pocket where it belongs.

ToolBox also integrates seamlessly with your existing office software, such as QuickBooks. There’s no need to switch systems, upgrade, or deal with the hassle of learning how to use some other accounting system. Just connect ToolBox to your existing system, and keep running your business the way you always have.

And your customers? They’re going to love paying you on your secure, convenient system. Whether it’s a $50 or a $5000 job, ToolBox lets you handle the payment quickly and easily.

Your job requires you to install complicated security systems every day. But when it’s time to get paid, that part shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why you’ll want to give us call today to find out how ToolBox can simplify and streamline your security business so that you can accept payments anytime, anywhere!

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