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You’ve just put the finishing touches on a beautiful kitchen remodeling job. You’ve swept up the last bit of sawdust and made sure all your tools made it back in your truck. Now it’s time to collect the final payment from the homeowner.

Many kitchen remodelers find that invoicing and payment collection is the most cumbersome part of their entire job. But if you’re using the right payment system, you can make it the easiest part – so easy that you never even have to give it a second thought!

Introducing ToolBox, the credit-card processing payment app that you can download to your phone, tablet or other device so you can quickly and easily accept payments right from the jobsite. Whether you’re accepting the first down-payment, the middle-of-the-the-project draw, or that final payment, ToolBox is hands down the best way to collect payments from your kitchen remodeling clients.

Here’s why kitchen remodelers love ToolBox (and why you will too):

  • Accept Mastercard and Visa payments securely from your phone or tablet, with no need to carry extra equipment. Now you can turn your truck into your fully functional mobile office!
  • User-friendly app makes it easy for every member of your team to accept payments (even if they’re not technically inclined).
  • Collect payments anywhere and any time with just a few clicks or swipes. If you can use your phone or tablet, then you too can become a point-of-sale wizard using ToolBox.
  • Simple, competitive fee structure ensures you never have to worry about hidden fees and unnecessary “small print” fees that eat away at your profits.
  • ToolBox integrates with most major accounting software, so you can keep the system you’re already using.

ToolBox makes it easy to accept payments with your on-the-go business. To learn more about how this app can simplify your business, reach out and give us a call today!

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