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When it comes to your windows and doors repair and installation business, you do jobs both big and small. Some days you may just need to install one new door, while the next day you’re hired to install all the windows on a new apartment complex. This means you also need to be able to accept both big and small credit card payments.

Question is, do you have a fast and easy way to accept these Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express payments?

Most credit card acceptance systems aren’t built for your type of business. Often times they require you to carry extra equipment, which is a hassle for your on-the-go business. Other solutions are cumbersome and require training just to learn how to use them. Still others look good until you look closer, at which point you uncover all the hidden fees.

That’s why ToolBox is a refreshing change. This is a payment app that was specially designed for home-service providers just like you. We understand your unique business and unique payment challenges, and our payment app solves your problems and makes it fast, easy and convenient for you to collect payments anywhere and anytime.

Take a look at why ToolBox is a great choice for those with a windows and doors repair and installation business:

  • Enjoy freedom from hidden fees. No chargeback fees, no “small print” fees, no hidden charges that gobble up your profits at the end of the month. Our fee structure is both clear and competitive.
  • Get paid instantly onsite the moment you’ve completed the windows and doors repair and installation. You don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying around cash, invoicing clients by mail, or chasing down past-due accounts.
  • Collect credit card payments securely directly from your Android phone, Apple phone or tablet, with no need to carry an unwieldy point of sale system!
  • Connect ToolBox to your existing accounting system (such as QuickBooks). No need to switch or learn a new system.

ToolBox was designed for home services providers like you. That’s why you’ll want to get in touch by phone today to find out how the ToolBox app can simplify your business and streamline the way you accept credit card payments!

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