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How Roofers Take Payments, Easily Using ToolBox

You have a lot of things to worry about when you’re doing roofing work. You need to get the work done before the big thunderstorm comes. You need to be sure to pick up all the nails off the lawn. You need to get the roof done on time and on budget to create happy homeowners. So, how can roofers take payments, easily and fast?

About the last thing you need to worry about is how you’re going to get paid. And yet that’s exactly what happens…

The job is done and you’re packing up your truck. You’ve already handed the invoice to the homeowner. Now they’re asking you if you’re able to take their credit card so they can settle the bill right way.

Depending on how you’re set up, you might be able to do it. One way is to haul around a bulky portable card reader (AKA point of sale) system, and then hope it doesn’t go down when you really need it. If you forget the equipment – or you don’t have one – then you might be able to call the office and read the number to them.

What a hassle for everyone involved. Fortunately, there’s a much easier way for roofers to accept credit card payments onsite. All you need to do is download the free ToolBox payments app to your smart phone, tablet or other device, and you can settle the bill before you leave the job site!

Check out why ToolBox is the right choice for those providing roofing services:

  • You can work directly out of your truck. All you need is a smart phone or tablet plus this app – no need to lug around a bulky point of sale system!
  • This app simplifies payments and bookkeeping – you get paid onsite when the work is done, meaning you can say goodbye to extra steps such as mailing out payment reminders!
  • ToolBox integrates with QuickBooks and other common accounting software, so you can use your existing bookkeeping system… no painful upgrade or transferring required!
  • Collect payments securely for your roofing services anywhere and anytime – as long as you have your phone or tablet, you can take payments on the go!
  • Increase profits with our simple fee structure. There are no hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises to worry about!

With ToolBox, you’re free to focus on your roofing business, while this app takes care of securely collecting Mastercard and Visa credit card payments from homeowners. That’s one less thing for you to worry about!

Find out how ToolBox simplifies your life and helps you grow your roofing business. Give us a call today to learn more!

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