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Carpet Cleaning Pros Use ToolBox Go App

You’ve just put the last piece of the client’s furniture back into place, and now it’s time to collect payment for your carpet cleaning services. Question is, do you have an easy way to do this?

Up until now, you probably collected payments in a few different ways. However, you may have noticed that the way people pay you is changing. Specifically:

Cash: While this is a great way to accept payment for your carpet cleaning services, this option is on the decline. Many people simply don’t carry cash anymore since plastic is safe and convenient.

Check: Accepting a check right after completing services is convenient, but this is another option that’s falling out of favor due to people preferring to use their debit and credit cards.

As this payment landscape changes, more and more people want to pay you with Mastercard or Visa. Depending on how you’re set up, you might have them drop by your office or call in their credit card. Or if you have a portable card reader, then you can accept payments onsite… even though most card reader equipment is bulky and sometimes it goes down.

The good news is that there’s an easier way. Now you can accept credit card payments onsite using the convenience of your smart phone, tablet or laptop.

No carrying around extra equipment. No making clients jump through hoops to pay for your carpet cleaning services. Just convenience and ease for both you and the homeowner!

Take a look at why ToolBox is a great choice for those with carpet and upholstery cleaning businesses:

  • Collect credit card payments securely directly from your smart phone, with no need to carry an unwieldy point of sale system!
  • Get paid instantly onsite once the carpet cleaning work is done – no worries about carrying cash around or chasing clients down with payment reminders!
  • Take advantage of our simple fee structure with no hidden fees!
  • Enjoy the convenience of accepting credit cards on the go – both you and homeowners are going to love using ToolBox!
  • Works with QuickBooks and other software systems, so you can use your existing accounting software – no upgrading or transferring to unknown software required!

Now you can put 100% of your focus on cleaning carpets, upholstery and drapes. Meanwhile, let us here at ToolBox make life easy for you by giving you a simple way to collect Visa and Mastercard credit card payments.  That’s one less thing for you to worry about in your business!

Get in touch by phone today to find out how the ToolBox app makes accepting payments on the go easier than you ever thought possible – you’ll be glad you did!

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