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Real Estate Easy Payments with ToolBox

As a real estate agent, sometimes it feels like you practically live in your vehicle. You spend a good chunk of your time driving to meet clients, showing houses and doing everything else that makes you so successful. You don’t have time to run back to your office when you need to accept a credit card payment. And lugging around a cumbersome, bulky POS system isn’t exactly a perfect fit for your on-the-go business.

So, what’s the solution?

Answer: the ToolBox app, which gives you the power of a point of sale system all from the convenience of your smart phone!

We know your real estate business is different than the typical brick and mortar store. That means you have different needs when it comes to accepting payments. Instead of ringing up small sales all throughout the day, you’re more likely to collect bigger payments such as client fees on a more infrequent basis. ToolBox is exactly what you need to collect these payments quickly, easily and securely from anywhere. Just pull your phone out, and a couple taps later you’ve got money in your merchant account!

ToolBox is also a great solution if your real estate business includes extra services such as property management for rental properties. Again, it’s an easy way for you to collect fees from clients – including the recurring fees you’ve established whenever you set up a contract!

Here the other benefits of the ToolBox app that will be a good fit for your real estate business:

  • Get paid instantly once the contract is signed – just pull out your phone to securely collect your fees or other payments!
  • Collect payments for your real estate or property management business anywhere, anytime from your smart phone – no need to carry a bulky POS system!
  • Increase your business profits with ToolBox’s simple fee structure and “no hidden fees” promise!
  • Use your existing accounting software, as ToolBox seamlessly integrates with the most popular accounting solutions (such as QuickBooks).

So, go ahead and focus on growing your real estate or property management business. Meanwhile, ToolBox will take care of collecting payments both one-time and recurring payments from your clients, which is one less thing for you to worry about.

Ready to learn more? Give us a call today to find out how the ToolBox payment app makes it simple to collect payments on the go!

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