Gutter Cleaning

Take payments - gutter cleaners

People who clean gutters use ToolBox Go because they are balancing enough already.

As a handyman or home-services provider, one of your jobs is
to clean homeowners’ gutters. And with this job you encounter some pretty
unique payment situations.

Sometimes you take on small jobs where you bill for less
than $100. Other times you might take on gutter cleaning for an entire HOA or
apartment complex, and your invoice can easily run into the many thousands of
dollars. Whatever the size of the job – and whether it’s a one-off job or part
of a maintenance contract – you need an easy way to collect these payments.

Here’s the solution: the ToolBox payment app, which is a
user-friendly app that you download directly to your smart phone, tablet or
other device.

If you’ve researched other payment systems for your
gutter-cleaning business, then you know that they often require you to carry a
card-reader everywhere you go. You have enough to worry about in your business
without having to remember to throw that extra piece of equipment in your truck
every day.

Still other options are standalone payment systems. In order
to use them with your accounting systems, you need to do a lot of manual
entries. Alternatively, these systems require you to completely change the
accounting software you’re using, which can be a costly, time-consuming and
tedious endeavor.

That’s not the case with ToolBox. This reliable payment app
integrates smoothly and conveniently with most major accounting software,
including QuickBooks. Once it’s set up, you can keep running your business the
way you always have, using the same software and platforms.

Still another problem with other traditional portable
payment systems is that they tend to be cumbersome to use, especially for those
who aren’t technically inclined. Even if you’re pretty tech savvy, some members
of your team might not be. That’s why you want to use a system like ToolBox,
which is so easy to use that you become an expert user the very first time you
collect a payment.

Once you start working with ToolBox, you’re going to see why
so many home contractors trust it for all their credit-card processing needs.
And your clients are going to love it too, because they can pay you on the spot
without having to worry about mailing in payments.

Simply put, ToolBox is going to streamline the way you
collect payments and simplify your business. To learn more, get in touch to
find out about our competitive rates, helpful customer-care team, and the app
that home contractors everywhere can’t stop talking about. Call us today!


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