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ToolBox specializes in helping Landscapers grow their business.

You just created a backyard paradise for your client with your landscaping and lawn services. You’re putting your lawncare equipment back into the truck when the homeowner comes up behind you and says, “Everything looks wonderful! Do you take credit cards?”

If you’re still using outdated technology, then the answer is a somewhat painful “yes.” You’d probably prefer cash or even a check, but those payment methods are falling out of favor with clients.  Your landscaping clients want to pay with plastic – but do you have a simple way to collect these payments?

The answer to all your payment collection needs is ToolBox. This is a simple app you download to your phone that instantly gives you the power to accept credit card payments on the go.

You don’t need to carry a bulky POS system or other extra equipment in your truck. You don’t need to use convoluted, multi-step methods to collect payments. All you have to do is take your phone out of your pocket when the landscaping work is done, and you can collect payments instantly from the homeowner!

What’s more, many landscaping and lawn care professionals like yourself often set up maintenance contracts with homeowners and businesses. ToolBox makes it easy for you to set up these contracts and collect recurring payments from your landscaping clients.

Check out these other benefits you’ll enjoy once you put the ToolBox app to work for you:

  • You can collect credit card payments instantly from the job site the minute your landscaping work is done – all you need is a smart phone and the ToolBox app!
  • You’ll enjoy peace of mind with ToolBox’s clear, simple fee structure – you never have to worry about hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises!
  • Your clients will love the convenience of paying you instantly – and you’ll love not having to spend any time sending reminders or collection notices!
  • You can use your existing accounting solutions (like QuickBooks) with ToolBox – this app integrates seamlessly with the software solutions you’re already using!

When you use the user-friendly ToolBox app on your phone, you’re 100% free to focus on the business of taking care of your clients’ lawns. Meanwhile, ToolBox takes care of collecting payments from them – and that’s one less thing for you to worry about in your small business.

We work with landscaping and lawn-care contractors all over the U.S., and we’d like to work with you too. Give us a call now to find out how ToolBox can simplify your business!

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