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Flooring Pros Love ToolBox Go App

You just finished laying the flooring all throughout a new 3000 square foot house. Your back hurts and your knees are acting up. But the most painful part of the job is yet to come – now you need to collect the payment from the homeowner.

You could do it the old-fashioned way, where you create a handwritten invoice for your flooring services on the job site and collect a check from the homeowner. Problem is, many people today don’t write checks anymore. If they can’t use plastic, then they can’t pay the bill.

At this point you may decide to do one of two things. The first solution is to have the homeowner call your office or even stop in to run their credit card through your payment terminal. That’s too much hassle for the client, and often results in you chasing clients for weeks to get them to pay their bills.

The second option in the past was to carry a bulky POS system so that you could accept credit cards on the go. Problem is, a system like that isn’t convenient nor easy. And it’s easy to forget it back at the office or even at home.

The good news is that there’s a much easier way for flooring services providers to accept payments: all you have to do is download the free ToolBox app, and you’ll have the power of a sophisticated POS system with the convenience of being able to carry it in your pocket.

Here are the key benefits flooring service providers enjoy when they start using the ToolBox app:

  • Collect your payment instantly as soon as you finish the flooring work – no worries about having to send payment reminders for weeks or months later!
  • Secure payments the quick and easy way for your flooring services anytime, anywhere from your phone – no need to carry any additional equipment!
  • Enjoy peace of mind and increased profits with ToolBox’s simple fee structure!
  • Make it easy for homeowners to pay you on the spot – your clients will appreciate this convenience as much as you will!
  • Integrate your existing accounting solutions (such as QuickBooks) seamlessly with ToolBox – no need to get a whole new system because ToolBox works with what you’re already using!

When you use ToolBox, you’re 100% free to focus on your flooring services contracting work. You can take care of your clients by providing great work. Meanwhile, ToolBox takes care of collecting payments from them – and that’s one less thing for you to worry about in your small business.

Give us a call now to find out how ToolBox can simplify your business!

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