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Payment Processor for Home Services

Free App for Tradespeople to Process Payments via Smartphone, Tablet or Computer…

Powerful Customer Service

ToolBox’s reputation for open, honest sales practices and excellent customer support put it ahead of many of its competitors.

The ToolBox App

ToolBox is a free, simple & eaasy app that gives you everything you need to manage your home services business.

Gateways & Terminals

ToolBox’s easy to use credit card gateways and terminals provide alternative solutions for small businesses to corporate offices.

Simple, Fast & Easy

Just a few years ago, accepting a credit card payment was very labor intensive; today, with the the proliferation of the mobile phone coupled with emerging technologies has enabled credit card processing to be simple, fast and easy.

With the introduction of ToolBox, tradespeople can employ a contractor designed mobile payments app using the smartphone, cloud computing and RFID technology to work out of their traveling “office on wheels” (i.e. car, truck, or van).

Cash is king! The concept of swiping and collecting the payment on-site at the homeowner’s location will significantly reduce your credit card fees.


It’s free to start, easy to use, and chock full of useful features.


Simple system for taking payments wherever your customers are!


ToolBox offers a convenient payment service for theservice trades, home maintenance, and repair industries in the USA.

1-2-3 EASY

The ToolBox app makes accepting payments as easy as 1-2-3 with the click on your phone or terminal


Integrates with most accounting software programs including Quickbooks


ToolBox is available in both the app store for apple and android devices


Freedom from statement fees, chargeback fees, or any other “small print” fees

Home Service Contractors…

Home service contractors work with their hands to fix jobs in and around the house. Contractors do not want to deal with time consuming administrative issues to collect money for their work. The ToolBox Go app easily and economically allows tradespeople to collect payments using their mobile device. Move onto your next job knowing your hard-earned money is in the bank!

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Learn more about how people in trades like electrians and plumbers use ToolBox for secure online payments

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Interior designers, moving & storage services, cleaning services and more use ToolBox for accepting secure payments. 

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Professionals use ToolBox for accepting payments on HVAC, flooring, landscaping, concrete,  and more.

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