With the explosion of mobile devices, smartphones and tablets have become central hubs for business communication, administration, and transactions. Less and less customers are carrying cash or checks, making credit card use more popular. Both customers and business owners want to participate in seamless transactions that minimize complications and maximize benefits.

Innovations in payment processing have led to ToolBox Go, the first mobile payment app built for tradespeople and home service contractors. This technology offers users a more reasonable payment processing system compared to competitors within the marketplace.

The Start of Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payment processing became popular among small to medium-sized businesses during 2009. The original payment processing companies understood this niche market by offering a flat fee pricing structure. This pricing concept has resonated with business owners, creating simplified bookkeeping and consolidated sales management. As technology matured, mobile payment processing apps needed to match the evolving digital landscape. Users of mobile payment applications inevitably valued an easy sign-up process and quick transaction processing.

Mobile Payment Processing Today

Although these companies were able to break through an untapped market, early adopters have reported a number of issues that have worsened over time. Older mobile payment processing companies are slower to offer responsive customer service. In fact, speaking with an actual live human being is virtually impossible. According to The Green Sheet, the well-known credit card processing trade publication, one of the leading payment processing companies has been caught “withholding up to 30 percent of business customers’ card receivables for as long as 120 days.” There is no reason a business owner should be deprived of his or her hard-earned revenue.

A New Cutting-Edge Payment App

Let’s examine a new innovative payment app that has entered the credit card processing ecosystem: ToolBox Go. This app, also known as ToolBox, combines the positive features of traditional payment processing with other key differentiators exclusive to home service contractors and trade professionals. ToolBox offers specific features that appeal directly to contractors: GPS tracking to get to the next appointment on time, face recognition to streamline in-app tasks and security, and dynamic contractor structures to accommodate single or multi-employee organizations. The inventive app boasts an easy sign-in process and customer service with a live agent providing same-day responses.

ToolBox continues to revolutionize payment processing for home service contractors and trade professionals by offering increased administrative and back office capabilities in its newest update. ToolBox’s vision is to be a contractor’s primary back office partner. Contractors and home service tradespeople can sleep well at night knowing their hard-earned money is hitting their account the next day through a sophisticated payment app.

Download ToolBox Today

Are you a home service contractor or tradesperson? Start selling with ToolBox, the first mobile payment app designed for the trade industry. There’s really no competition. The ToolBox Go app is FREE to download for smartphone and tablet users from the App Store and the Google Play Store. To learn more about how ToolBox can help your business, visit our website.

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